Dispensación Automática

MX1000 / MX1500

MX1000 / MX1500 Rod Displacement Meter Mix Systems

Meter Mix Systems

MX1000 / MX1500

Rod Displacement Meter Mix Systems

The rod displacement design in these Meter Mix Systems eliminates metal to metal contact and does not contain wearable dynamic seals. Ideal for using heavily filled, abrasive materials.

PVA's MX1000 and MX1500 series rod displacement systems are ideal choices for meter-mix dispensing applications using heavily filled, abrasive materials. The rod displacement design eliminates metal to metal contact and does not contain wearable dynamic seals.

Closed loop servo drives enable the operator to program the mix ratio, shot size, flow rate, pressure control, vacuum degas, recirculation, and auto purge functions via a menu-driven HMI.

PVA's rod displacement metering systems have many additional integrated features including:

  • Carbide rod for long life
  • Rugged steel frame eliminates tie rod design for easy set up and maintenance
  • Four carbide rod sizes available for superior resolution


PVA manufactures single and plural component metering systems customized to each specific requirement. Standalone metering systems not integrated onto a PVA robotic platform come with a standalone controller allowing multiple dispensing profiles to be stored. Within each profile, automatic purge modes and variable flow rates are available. PVA metering systems feature closed-loop servo drives for added repeatability and dispense volume accuracy. All standalone meter-mix systems include an enclosure and are mounted in a frame or custom cart with casters.

Ideal for close ratio materials and materials containing abrasive fillers in both A and B components

Ideal for wide ratio materials where the B component does not contain abrasive fillers

Potting and encapsulation
Form in place gasketing
Adhesive / assembly operations

Solar and wind energy
Consumer goods


Mix Ratio
Fixed or variable 1:1 to 15:1

Viscosity Range
10 to 1 million cps

Maximum Shot Size
60 cc or 120 cc available
(continuous flow available with back to back metering systems)

Flow Rate
0.5 to 500 cc/min


Material Delivery Systems
One liter to 30 gallon pressure vessel options
Cartridge retainers and pumps
Five gallon pail and 55 gallon drum pumps
Automatic material crossover options
High pressure material regulators and filters

Optional Process Control Features
Low level material sensors
Material agitators
Vacuum degassing
Heated hose assemblies
Material tank and valve heating
Recirculation systems
Material flow monitoring with data collection