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PVA-Camera Programming Camera


Programming Camera

Designed as a tool to aid programming, PVA’s slim camera option furnishes operators with an overhead image of the work area to teach paths of motion.

PVA-CAMERA is a small, board level IEEE-1394 camera with memory channels. The camera features a programmable interface that permits coordination with external devices such as light sources.

The PVA-CAMERA has many integrated features including:

  • Small 25 mm x 40 mm board level footprint
  • Crosshair generator
  • 752 x 480 pixel resolution at 60 frames per second
  • Automatic / manual shutter mode
  • Programmed XYZ valve offset positions


The PVA-CAMERA option can be integrated onto any of PVA’s three-axis motion platforms. An onboard personal computer is required to display the resulting image.


Imaging Sensor
Micron MT9V022 1/3” progressive scan CMOS

A/D Converter
On-chip 10-bit analog-to-digital converter

Active Pixels
Wide-VGA 752 x 480

Maximum Frame Rate
752 x 480 at 60FPS

Video Data Output
8 and 16-bit digital data

Global shutter with automatic / manual modes
0.12 ms to 66.6 ms at 15 FPS