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PVA Flow Monitor


Flow Monitor

Inline flow monitoring systems allow precise data feedback on material quantities applied during each application cycle.

This data can be displayed on the front panel LCD screen, downloaded to a dedicated personal computer, or sent to a networked computing system for charting results over time. Flow monitoring is a reliable process control option that can alert an operator to a variety of issues that may affect the volume applied during an operation. As a dispense program is optimized, a targeted volume is achieved. Any allowable deviation from this target is determined by the program and is specific to the given dispense path.image
The application process will work seamlessly unless an out of tolerance volume is obtained. In the event a cycle does not produce a volume consistent with the allowable range, a fault mode will ensue.

Flow monitoring has many integrated features including:

  • Data acquisition capability for charting volume consistency over time
  • Real time data feedback on every assembly processed
  • Resolution of 0.001 cubic centimeters
  • Piston style material monitor


Maximum Fluid Pressure
1000 PSI (70 bar) Standard
3000 PSI (210 bar) Also available

Material Port Size
1/8 inch NPT

0.0009 cc
Viscosity Range:
Flowable materials

A gear style flow monitor option is available for higher viscosity materials that require inlet
pressures in excess of 1000 psi.