Accesorios de Dispensación

Una selección de accesorios está disponible para proporcionar información de datos, seguimiento, control de proceso mejorado y ayuda a la programación.

PVA Continuous Film Calibration
PVA   Continuous Film Calibration
Continuous Film Calibration is a patent-pending process from PVA that rapidly examines an entire film pattern to determine and automatically adjust the fluid pressure to maintain the programmed width.
PVA Conformal Coating Inspection Option
PVA  Conformal Coating Inspection Option
Automated in-cell conformal coating inspection
PVA Flow Monitor
PVA  Flow Monitor
Inline flow monitoring systems allow precise data feedback on material quantities applied during each application cycle.
PVA Non-Contact Laser Height Sensor
PVA  Non-Contact Laser Height Sensor
The laser sensor can verify substrate height and automatically adjust the path program to account for slight variations due to warping or manufacturing defects. The laser height sensor can also be utilized to verify bead or coating thickness, detect for voids, or auto-select path programs.
PVA-BARCODE-1 Compact Bar Code Scanner
PVA-BARCODE-1  Compact Bar Code Scanner
PVA’s ultra compact laser scanners offer the fastest read performance in embedded compact bar code scanners.
PVA-BARCODE-2 High Speed Mini Bar Code Imager
PVA-BARCODE-2  High Speed Mini Bar Code Imager
PVA’s high performance mini imager reads all standard 2D and linear bar codes, plus multiple codes per capture, at high speed with real time autofocus.
PVA-Camera Programming Camera
PVA-Camera  Programming Camera
Designed as a tool to aid programming, PVA’s slim camera option furnishes operators with an overhead image of the work area to teach paths of motion.