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PVA-2LTUV 2 Liter Bottle Pressure Reservoir

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2 Liter Bottle Pressure Reservoir

The PVA-2LTUV accepts bottles of material and is safe for use with UV and anaerobic materials.

The PVA-2LTUV is an anodized aluminum pressure tank assembly, with a fully removable lid, designed to allow original containers and bottles of fluid to be placed inside. Placing materials in the original containers is important because the curing cycle of many fluids is activated by the introduction of air, moisture and light when pouring. Therefore, by placing the bottle inside the reservoir in its original package the life of most fluids is extended.

Once a bottle is inside the tank, the lid assembly is placed with the dip tube being inserted into the bottle of fluid. A disposable fluid path through the tank lid means there is no mess to clean up inside the reservoir when changing fluids & chemistries. 

The PVA-2LTUV has many integrated features including:
    Accepts most industry standard bottles up to 2-liters
    Anodized aluminum body
    UV safe enclosure image
    Air regulator, gauge, & quick relief valve.
    Safety air relief valve at 100 psi
    Disposable material path fluid line through tank lid
    Teflon® material line supplied with tank
    Three post & handle lock system for a positive seal
    Center port in lid for dip tube


Inside Tank Dimensions
6.0” diameter x 10.5” depth

Outside Tank Dimensions
9” diameter x 14.5” height

Body of Tank
Aluminum , black annodized

(3) Viton O-Rings

Max Operating Pressure
100 PSI

Air Inlet
Quick connect air adapter

Material Fitting
1/4” OD fluid line, pass through fitting
3/8” OD fluid line, optional

100 PSI air safety pop valve
CE Approved